Why learning Africa?

Who is this solution for?

  • For Regulated Institutions

  • For Member Based Institutions

  • For Academic Institutions

  • For Instructors & Training Consultants

  • Custom Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Save on hotel costs by getting efficiencies by delivering training digitally

  • Scalable to match the growth plans of your organization

  • Quizzes, exams & Custom certificates of completion

  • Analytics & Live Training Events


Main Modules

  • Instructor Module ( We offer accounts to professionals who want to teach others at their own convenient time. Get started with our easy onboarding process )

  • Learner Module ( Learners are able to login to their account and enroll in courses that they want and get certified afterward)

Onboarding Process

We require a few details from those who want to have start a learning institution. If you require the complete system along with the content, we may need to engage to find out how far along you are converting your content to digital format.  We may need you logo and color scheme as well as sort out a few licensing issues and you will be on your way to having your first course available for your learners.

Education Rethought.

Traditional training tools and are simply not sufficient to train your employees, customers, students, or other stakeholders anymore. We aim to help organizations build the skills, knowledge, and confidence of their learners to ensure that they are well positioned for growth in the future; primarily in Africa but not limited to the continent. With Covid-19, physical training of large numbers is increasingly untenable raising the need for a self-paced online training solution that can be taken remotely.
Our hosted service and solutions deliver a one stop solution for any e-learning partner.

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